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Make a Finder's File

Here is a quick rundown of how to make an image on ds9 that another person can use to locate an astronomical object.

1. Load the image in ds9

2. Locate and zoom into the object of interest. Be sure to be zoomed out enough that a few recognizable stars or patterns of stars are also visible to help with identification.

3. Turn on editing: Edit > Region

4. Add a circle around the object. Suggested width of 4. Pick a color that stands out.

5. Invert the colors: Color > Invert Color. This helps the stars to stand out.

6. Write the name of the object of interest: Region > Shape > Text, with suggested text size of 20. Position it between stars so that it is readable.

7. Write the coordinates (degrees & sexagesimal) and the magnitude. Suggested size of 16. Position it between stars so that it is readable.

8. Include a compass: Region > Shape > Compass, with suggested width of 2. Make sure to orient it to match the data.

9. Include a scale line: Region > Shape > Ruler, edit the distances, make sure lines are straight. Suggested font size of 16.

10. Save the region file: Region > Save Region. Useful if you need to edit it later.

11. Save the image: File > Print, change "printer" to "file" and name the image.

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