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Lemon Asparagus Pasta

One of my absolute favorites!  Makes good left-overs.​


1 bunch of asparagus

3 medium lemons

3 1/2 tablespoons olive oil

3-4 cloves of garlic, minced

box of bow-tie pasta

2 1/2 cups milk (2%)

3 tablespoons all-purpose flower

bag of shredded Parmesan & Romano cheese


1. Preheat oven to 400 F.


2. Wash and chop the asparagus into ~thirds.  Thinly slice two of the lemons. 


3. Put asparagus on a baking sheet and toss with 1/2 Tbsp olive oil and a pinch each salt and pepper. Top with  slices of lemon and bake for 20-25 minutes. Once finished cooking, remove from oven.

4. Get that pasta cooking - follow the instructions on the box.

5. Bring a large skillet to medium heat. Once hot, add 3 Tbsp olive oil and garlic. Whisk and continue cooking for 1-2 minutes or until garlic is just starting to brown.

6. Add 3 Tbsp flour and whisk. Cook for 1 minute for flour to get toasty. 


7. Pour in a small amount of milk and mix with the flour & garlic to form a thick paste.  Slowly alternate pouring in a bit of milk and mixing until all the milk is added.  The paste will slowly turn into a sauce  Add a healthy pinch salt & pepper and mix. Slightly lower heat and continue cooking to thicken, stirring frequently.  It isn't good to let the sauce bubble/boil - lower the temp and/or keep stirring.

8. Stir in shredded cheese a handful at a time, making sure that each batch gets a chance to melt properly.

9. Once your sauce has reached desired thickness, add the juice of half a lemon and stir.  Taste, and adjust salt and/or lemon levels accordingly.  A good lemon-level is when you can slightly taste a lemony tang - more will be added with the asparagus.

10. Once the sauce, pasta, and asparagus are each done, mix them all together in the skillet.  Top with any left-over shredded cheese.


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